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My Works

Will I Remember You?

I especially love the wry emotion and the passion which you bring to us in truly unusal and thought-provoking ways.

The Death Cycle Machine

Kurt Vonnegut: “Only now has a mother put into important poetry what it was like to have a grown son die of AIDS.”

Bebe Moore Campbell: "Charlotte Mayerson is both warrior and peacemaker. Her poems are a commemoration for the glorious dead, a rallying cry for the living.”

Robin Morgan: “Sharp, unsentimental, unflinching, and stunning.”

Goin’ to the Chapel

BWHBC Co-authors of Our Bodies, Ourselves:  “An eye-opening excursion through heterosexual marriage in the U.S. middle class. With compassion leavened by wit, with engaging intelligence, Mayerson explores how women’s culture-laden expectations of marriage do and don’t help them. Many women will find themselves in these pages.”

Two Blocks Apart.

This book juxtaposes the lives of a Puetro Rican and a middle class white boy in the same community on the Upper West Side of New York. Marshall McLuhan wrote: "A blazing icon of hope. By living out the world experience two blocks apart, these boys are creating the answers and the bridge to a new world."

Home Fires

May Sarton: “There is something gritty, humorous and realistic here that is utterly persuasive. The story is so absorbing that we live these two lives as we read, and only at the end realize with what tact and wisdom Mayerson has created a work of art, and how illuminating and moving it is.”

An Easy Life

Maxine Hong Kingston wrote of this book: "Full of wisdom. It reminds us how to live and what we're living for. ... Molly (the protagonist) has got to become an American heroine - if she is valued, then we are valued, that is, we beautiful older women.

Shadow and Light.

Through his letters, diaries and papers, Mayerson has constructed the life of one of America's most influential painters whose long,colorful,and tempestuous life was played out among the pivotal figures of Twentieth Century art.