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The Death Cycle Machine

Kurt Vonnegut: "Only now, so late in the ghastly game, has a mother put into imporant poetry what it was like to have a son die of AIDS."
Bebe Moore Campbell: "Mayerson is both warrior and peacemaker, an emissary from the front lines where she has witnessed bloodshed and surrender."
Robin Morgan: "Sharp, unsentimental, unflinching and stunning."

The Women of the Holocaust

Without the women of the Holocaust
Who saw their children ripped asunder
I could not go on.
Without the women
Of eighteen hundred and five
Who bore eight children and raised five
I would go under.
Without my grandmother
Who had thirteen
And lost three -
As a young mother, she lost three -
Without all those unnatural women
Who, like me,
Let themselves fall out
Of their own place
In the natural order,
Who, because they could not
Save their young -
Hide them in a safe place -
Became outlaws,
Grave transgressors
Of natural laws,
Without those women
Before my eye I would die now -
In the right order -
While he’s still alive.