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Home Fires

May Sarton:
"There is something gritty, humorous and realistic here that is utterly persuasive. The story is so absorbing that we live these two lives as we read, and only at the end realize with what tact and wisdom Mayerson has created a work of art, and how illuminating and moving it is."

Alice Denham, The New York Times Book Review:
“In a novel as subtly illuminating and nostalgic as firelight, Charlotte Mayerson explores the interracial friendship of two independent working women. With well-modulated tension, she tests the limits of the erotic between heterosexual women in the inhibited 50s.”

Maxine Hong Kingston:  
"Charlotte Mayerson’s novel is devoted to the story of two friends. What is the bond of friendship? What and how much does one friend give another? It is inspiring to find an author who answers these questions with a wise and entertaining tale about sisterhood.”