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Goin’ to the Chapel

Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Authors of The New Our Bodies, Ourselves:
"With compassion leavened with wit, with engaging intelligence, Mayerson explores how women's culture-laden expectations of marriage do and don't help them. Many women will find themselves in these pages, and women planning to marry will find both wise words and cautionary tales."

A smart, sensible work on an irresistible topic, the book is so engaging that we come to feel that the women whose lives we explore are our friends and we recognize our own lives in theirs.

For many girls, growing up means getting married. They may hope for Olympic triumph or a brilliant career or believe they’ll change the world, but, most often, their dreams are set in the frame of a happy marriage with a comfortable home, children by their side, a nebulous husband standing by.

What actually happens when these girls grow up? This is the first book to describe young women’s dreams and expectations and compare them to the reality of their later lives. Mayerson traveled across the country talking to women aged 26 to 69 from varied religious and ethnic backgrounds. In voices that are poignant and funny, these women spoke candidly about sex, children, career, money and the marital deals they made. Their stories, coupled with Mayerson’s thoughtful analysis, provide a unique insight into how women view their married lives.