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A writer, poet, and editor, Charlotte Mayerson grew up in New York City and was educated in its public schools. Her B.A. is from Queens College.  In addition to her writing career, Ms. Mayerson was Research Director of Book-of-the-Month Club, Senior Editor at Holt, Rhinehart and Winston, and then at Random House where she eventually became an Executive Editor. Her books include: Shadow and Light, Two Blocks Apart,  An Easy Life, Home Fires, Goin’ to the Chapel, and The Death Cycle Machine. Will I remember You? a new collection of poems was published in 2022.

Of Two Blocks Apart, one of Ms. Mayerson's earliest books, Marshall McLuhan wrote "The story of these two boys,splendidly told .... is a blazing icon of hope. "
Martin Duberman wrote, "Charlotte Mayerson ... has done a real service in making the two separate worlds of these boys alive and concrete, and in showing us how much both might profit if only allowed to join."

In the years since the publication of Two Blocks Apart, Mayerson's books have continued to garner enthusiastic reviews and a loyal following. Since 2006, Ms. Mayerson has produced the Overlook Concert Series in Riverside Park in New York.