Charlotte Mayerson

An Easy Life

Maxine Hong Kingston wrote of this book: "Full of wisdom. It reminds us how to live and what we're living for...Molly (the protagonist) has got to become an American heroine - if she is valued, then we are valued, that is, we beautiful older women."

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Selected Works

The Death Cycle Machine
The poems are stark, without sentimentality or pathos, alive with anger, sorrow, terror and pity.
Goin’ to the Chapel
Vividly explores young women’s dreams and expectations of marriage and compares them to their later married lives.
Two Blocks Apart.
The very different lives of two New York boys.
Home Fires
This funny and moving tale of friendship between a black woman and a white woman of the 1950s and 60s has a lot to say about who we are now and how we got from there to here.
An Easy Life
A novel of an unlikely love affair.
Shadow and Light.
The life and career of the painter, Maurice Sterne

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